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Would you drive from Tulsa, Oklahoma to Allentown, Pennsylvania without a roadmap or GPS?

Of course not. Unfortunately, many of us are traveling on the road of life without a roadmap or GPS, making crucial life decisions and forever feeling lost.

My goal as a Vedic Astrology counselor is to provide you with your own personal roadmap of life and plenty of gas for the trip.

What is unique about my Vedic Astrology counseling approach is the passion I have to educate my clients on the basic principles of Vedic Astrology. To be self-sufficient, its important to understand why and how the planets and stars affect each of us in a different way.

Just imagine yourself pulling up to a traffic light and not knowing what the red, yellow and green lights mean. You would have a difficult time getting out of Tulsa and Lord knows if you could make it all the way to Allentown.

By combining your own life experience with the personal Vedic Astrology information that I pass on to you, you will obtain something more valuable than gold: True knowledge. Few experiences in life are more healing or more precious.

My Vedic Astrology practice and website have been set up to be a therapeutic and educational tool. For me, these are the truest values of this 5,000-year-old system of astrology, the Science of Light.

Please call me today at (732) 939-4573 to schedule your Vedic Astrology consultation.

Warm Regards,

Alan Schoenfeld
Vedic Astrology Consultant

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