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( Grahas – That which grasps, seizes or grabs )


Physical appearance, soul, ego, status, dignity, power, authority, government, courage, father, king, leadership, nobility, achievement. Physical attributes – Head, heart, vitality, circulation right eye. Ruling sign – Leo. Gemstone – Ruby.

Mother, women, perceptual mind, emotions, nurturing, feeling, family, the public, protecting. Physical attributes – Lungs, breasts, stomach, womb, left eye. Ruling sign – Cancer. Gemstone – Pearl.

Intellect, speech, education, communication, writing, language, discrimination, logic, marketing, intelligence, understanding, knowledge. Physical attributes – Nervous system, skin, mouth, arms, hands. Ruling signs – Gemini & Virgo. Gemstone – Emerald.

Wife, marriage, love, women, partners, beauty, art, gems, jewelry, flowers, pleasure, music, harmony, relationships, cooperation, singing, creativity. Physical attributes – Face, kidneys, reproductive system. Ruling signs – Taurus & Libra. Gemstone – Diamond.

Conflicts, sexuality, brothers, accidents, fire, surgery, police, military, courage, energy, independence, adventure, discord. Physical attributes – Blood, muscles, stamina, strength. Ruling signs – Aries & Scorpio. Gemstone – Red coral.

Teacher, guru, children, husband, religion, meditation, wealth, faith, hope, devotion to God, holy places, pilgrimages, optimism, expansion, law, growth, good fortune, foreign travel. Physical attributes – Liver, fat, spleen. Ruling signs – Sagittarius & Pisces. Gemstone – Yellow sapphire.

Authority figures, structure, responsibility, organization, death, loss, misfortune, calamities, separation, limitations, stability, perseverance, agriculture, mining, conservation, preservation. Physical attributes – Bones, nerves, teeth, chronic illness. Ruling signs – Aquarius & Capricorn. Gemstone – Blue sapphire.

RAHU (North node of the Moon)
Worldly desires, material karma, psychology, foreign lands, fear, doubt, crime, drugs, alcohol, insanity, separation, adversities, harsh speech, attachment, unorthodoxy, addictions. Physical attributes – Chronic illness, mental illness, toxicity. Gemstone – Hessonite garnet.

KETU (South node of the Moon)
Spiritual liberation, mystical experience, perception, change, occult studies, astrology, rejection, accidents, sleep, dreams, psychic ability, confusion, loss, seclusion, detachment, past life qualities. Physical attributes – Mental confusion, accidents. Gemstone – Cat’s eye.

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