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( Rasis – The “Heaps” or clusters of stars )


A movable fire sign, ruled by Mars. Symbol – The Ram. Pioneering in new directions, adventurous spirit, need for travel, love exercise, and movement, proud, heroic, passionate, assertive, leadership abilities, marriage issues, challenges with mother, bodily scars, accident prone, aggression, head injuries, impatience, need to slow down. Sun is exalted in Aries, Saturn is debilitated.

A fixed earth sign, ruled by Venus. Symbol – The Bull. Creative intelligence, good speaking and writing skills, soft pleasing nature, successful career, high quality work, love of pleasure and arts, enjoys good food, problems with early marriage, stubborn, need to watch diet, arrogance and pride issues, can be easily seduced. Moon is exalted in Taurus.

A dual air sign, ruled by Mercury. Symbol – The Twins. Very mentally oriented, intellectual people, chameleon nature, can see things from many points of view, need variety, get bored easily, good for writers, scientists, free spirits, counselors and comedians, sensitive nervous system, too much mental chatter, expenditures from children.


A movable water sign, ruled by the Moon. Symbol – The Crab. Very emotional nature, cares deeply for others, attached to their home, work around their home, virtuous, many friends, but can be introverted, good imagination, need to live near water, maternal or nurturing nature, difficult marital karma, mental confusion, anger issues, jealousy. Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, Mars is debilitated.

A fixed fire sign, ruled by the Sun. Symbol – The Lion. Fame, power, wealth, success, leadership ability, creative nature, self-employed or in management, love of sports and entertainment, strong issues with loyalty and trust, faithful, mystical nature, gifts in music, drama and dance, vain, trouble in early marriage, anger and impatience issues, strong sexual desires, conflict with employers.
A dual earth sign, ruled by Mercury. Symbol – The Virgin. Intelligent, discriminating nature, good with math and computers, need variety in work, deep sensuality behind closed doors, love nature and greenery, gentle nature, shy and naοve, feminine sign, seeks to purify, eat good quality food, work in food service, critical, judgmental nature, sensitive nervous system, marital difficulties, need spiritual mate, dislike conflict. Mercury is exalted in Virgo, Venus is debilitated.
A movable air sign, ruled by Venus. Symbol – The Scales. Considered the strongest ascendant, political power and leadership, love of social functions, groups, many friends, good at mediation, sensual nature, searches for beauty, truth, and fairness, love of travel, government jobs, interest in law, overly zealous about their ideals, may become dictatorial, difficult early marriage, need to chose their friends and associates wisely. Saturn is exalted in Libra, Sun is debilitated.
A fixed water sign, ruled by Mars. Symbol – The Scorpion. Strong, courageous, intense, forceful nature, need for excitement, self-reliant, competitive, secretive, love of occult or hidden things, work in medicine, research, hospice settings, good for detective and police work, deep sensual nature, passionate, difficult marital karma, anger issues, loss of father, trouble with teachers/gurus, questions authority figures. Moon is debilitated in Scorpio.
A dual fire sign, ruled by Jupiter. Symbol – The Archer. Noble, active, travel a lot, need of adventure, cheerful optimistic nature, leadership skills, communications work, humanitarian, good parenting skills, nice homes gains through property, open-hearted, generous, fair, fond of hiking, spiritually oriented, opinionated, arrogant, need to watch speech, fear of money, sibling troubles, promiscuous.
An active earth sign, ruled by Saturn. Symbol – The Sea-Goat. Career oriented, success in business world, ambitious, sure-footed, patience and perseverance brings wealth, good organizational ability, love of travel, hard worker, interest in fine arts, creative business ideas, success in the second half of life, conservative nature, dry sense of humor, feels unappreciated, difficult early life, focus on flaws too much, can be cold-hearted and calculating in business. Mars is exalted in Capricorn, Jupiter is debilitated.
A fixed air sign, ruled by Saturn. Symbol – The Water Bearer. Scientific, philosophical nature, great intelligence, gifted in teaching and writing, service oriented, humanitarian concerns, works well with groups and organizations, success in second half of life, humble, may hide their light, tend not to get full credit for the work they do, health problems in early life, difficult childhood, trouble in early marriage, melancholy nature, shy, self-esteem issues.
A dual water sign, ruled by Jupiter. Symbol – The Fish. Spiritual, psychic nature, very sensitive, emotional, romantic, dream of far-away places, love of travel, need to live near water, imaginative mind, good for hypnosis and imagery, need intelligent mate, may marry twice, charitable nature, may be overly generous, make good priests and counselors, jealousy issues, indecisive due to lack of confidence, contradictory goals or ideals (two fish swimming in opposite directions), drug abuse. Venus is exalted in Pisces, Mercury is debilitated.

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