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Alan Schoenfeld is available for phone consultations Mondays through Saturdays. Life Reading, Annual Review, Relationship Compatibility and individual Relocation Astrology sessions are one hour each in length. Consultations are recorded on CD. At the end of the phone session the CD will be mailed to you.
Appointments are scheduled by phone or email. To schedule a session, call (732) 939-4573 or send an email by clicking here. to inquire about appointment times and availability. Be sure to include a contact phone number and a good time to reach you in your email.

Life Reading ($200) This is the initial, comprehensive consultation that will provide an overview of the most important karmic patterns shown in your Vedic Astrology birth chart. It is an interactive consultation covering the areas of health, longevity, finances, family, education, investments, marriage and partnerships, religion and spirituality, career, success, and life purpose. Gemstone Recommendations are also included, as well as time for questions and answers concerning current issues. Life Reading is by telephone or by monologue on recorded CD.

Annual Review ($200) A 60-minute consultation analyzing specific issues in great detail, including forecasts, predictions, and important dates for the coming 12 months. A Life Reading or some familiarity with Vedic Astrology is a prerequisite for an Annual Review. It should not be requested as an introduction to Vedic Astrology.

Relocation Astrology ($200) Determination of the most supportive place(s) to live for health, prosperity, career, marriage, family, spiritual growth, and creative inspiration. Based on the traditional, time-tested, 5,000-year old techniques of Vedic Astrology.

Short Consultations ($100/30 minutes or $50/15 minutes) A consultation on any topic of your choice, such as health, travel, education, litigation, finances, and relationship compatibility.

Relationship Compatibility ($275) A 60-minute, in-depth analysis and discussion of the compatibility of two people for marriage, business partnership, creative collaboration, or between family members.

Vedic Gemstone Recommendation ($75) Recommendation of Vedic gemstones for therapeutic purposes, including spiritual healing, prosperity, emotional balancing, and protection. Includes instruction on the purification and empowerment of the gemstone with rituals and mantras, and the auspicious time to wear it. Available by email.

Timing of Auspicious Events (Muhurtha) ($75) Recommendation of the best times for marriage, incorporation of a business, litigation, conception of children, inauguration of officers. For travel dates for one person, the fee is $40. Available by email.

Birth data Rectification ($100) If your birth date is known but not your birth time, then it will take 30-45 minutes for me to determine your approximate birth time.


Appointments are charged at time of booking and are nonrefundable unless 48 hours notice is given by phone to reschedule or cancel appointment. PayPal, Money orders, bank or personal checks must be received prior to booking consultations.

The interpretations of these consultations are based on Vedic Astrology, an ancient system that can give profound insights into life. An astrological reading can indicate possibilities, but never certainties. It should not be taken as absolute fact, nor should it ever replace common sense.

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